Missionary News

By Ethan Molsee |  March 23, 2015

March 2015
What an incredible past few weeks! The opening ceremony on February 26th went well with estimates of 5,000 people attending as well as many local dignitaries, the US ambassador and the president of Togo. Hours before the hospital opened on March 2nd, hundreds of people were lined up for care. Each day, more people arrive than can actually be seen. No matter how many days people wait, we are always thanked for the care we offer. It is truly humbling. It is also thrilling to see the openness to the gospel. Our chaplains are busy following up with conversations that are started as we see people who live as far away as Niger, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria and Benin. Check out our photo blog (www.365.themolsees.com) for photos from the past few weeks and if you'd like to see a video of the hospital opening festivities here's a link... https://vimeo.com/121229304

We’re not in Seattle anymore! =-) Melissa was reminded of this fact at work recently…
· ~ Listening to the strange breath sounds of one of our pediatric ICU patients and then realizing that the extra noise was from the braying donkey behind the hospital.
· ~ Finishing up with one clinic patient only to have the husband tell me to wait just a minute and he would get my next patient for me as it was his second wife.
· ~ Stepping outside the pediatric ward (which faces east) only to find myself in the middle of men kneeling and chanting in prayer.
· ~ Looking for my next clinic patient and realizing it was a 2 ½ pound baby who was actually in his mother’s arms and just buried in several layers of oversized newborn clothes and cloth.
· ~ Overhearing the discussion about how many cows (which are in Niger) a man needed to sell in order to cover the cost of an elective surgery for his wife (instead of saving money in a bank, the assets in this tribe are often in cows).
Family update: Aaron (age 8 ½) finally lost his 2 front teeth and has found 3 more chameleons. Eli (5 ½) is starting to read and enjoys moto rides with Ethan. Both are doing well in school and love playing outside as much as possible despite temperatures consistently over 100 degrees. Aden (2 ½) does all things in life with 110% of the energy necessary. He is stubborn and independent, mischievous and sweet and too smart for his own good. Ezra (11 months) has 8 teeth and calloused knees from crawling over the rocky ground. The other day he was too quiet and was found outside in the rocks happily waving a dried lizard in the air by the tail (I don’t even want to know if he had been chewing on it).

We don’t often mention money in our prayer letters but we have been asked about our current financial situation by several churches. We learned recently of another supporter who has had to decrease their monthly amount. This means we lack just over $450/month in support. If you would like to partner with us in this way, please send us an email or donate on-line at http://www.abwe.org/give/commit-to-support-a-missionary(account #: 0134853). Thank you!

We continue to need medical providers (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians) to work for at least a month or more starting as soon as possible. Knowing French is NOT a requirement! We are also in need of nurses who have at least one year of experience to work for 6 months or more. Most of our 10 American nurses will be leaving in December and we are in the process of finding replacements for them. Thank you for praying with us about these needs. We look forward to the people that He will bring at just the right moment.
We are so thankful for the privilege of serving here in Mango. Thank you for your support and encouragement and your prayers on our behalf.
Ethan, Melissa, Aaron, Eli, Aden and Ezra Molsee